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Vantage Customs new website is live!

We are excited to have launched our new website and branding today. We take design and attention to detail seriously so every detail of our company is important to us. We took the decision to work with designer Tyrone Probert who is the director of and and are extremely happy with the results! We will be constantly adding new and exciting features to the website so please follow us to keep up to date with the latest developments in the workshop.

New branding and design by

We have developed a bespoke website working with Bristol based designer Tyrone Probert. We intend to add an eCommerce element at some point in the future too! We will be selling custom designed conversion kits and other VW accessories.

All the branding from the design of our logo through to T-shirts, stickers, merchandise and social media integration was handled by Tyrone. Check out his work if you get a chance and follow us for the latest Vantage Custom news!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 25, 2020

Thanks, guys! Great working with you!

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