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VW transporter T6.1 Conversion

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

So. Its winter again, which means prepping for summer!!! Camp trips are coming soon(ish) and we've got a brand new T6.1 for a full conversion!

So far, there's a skyline pop top roof fitted and we've just spent the day stripping the inside out.

The afternoon was spent underneath the van removing the heat shield, fuel tank and exhaust to access the seat fixtures, which needed to be removed

With all the seating out, we climbed inside and started with the sound deadening.

Next steps are to run all the electrical wiring for plugs and connectors, then we start with the fun stuff...the lining. It makes a big difference to any van.

Have a look back over the next days, watch this space.

● We build campers ●

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